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subject 잊건 RE-SALE 再販 NOTICE (ENG/日本語)(closed)

JUNHO FAN UNION starts the reservation-based sales of it-slogan for JUNHO "LAST NIGHT IN SEOUL".
JUNHO "LAST NIGHT IN SEOUL"を迎え、ジュノユニオンからジュノを応援するためit-slogan(スローガン)を再販売します。

※ Pay (through the paypal or bank account) and reserve the goods first,
   then pick up at the concert venue on the day of the concert.
※ PAYPALなどの送金方法を利用して先に代金を支払い、ソウルコンサート当日会場で受け渡しします。

* Design / デザイン


Size : 100*20cm
Image of the slogan (a white slogan on Junho's shoulder)
サンプルイメージ (ジュノの肩にかけている白いスローガン)

* Price (including all transaction fee) / 値段 (全ての手数料含み)

It-slogan 6.00 USD
* This is on site-pick up order, so there is no shipping fee. Only the one, who attends the Seoul Concert, can reserve it-slogan!!
* コンサート会場でお渡ししますので、送料はかかりません。必ずソウルコンサートにいらっしゃることができる方のみ予約して下さい!!

* Schedule / スケジュール

Payment / ~ Sep 14, 2015 (Mon) 24:00
Pick-up / Sep 19, 2015 (Sat) or Sep 20, 2015 (Sun) before the beginning of the concert

* Pick-up location / 受け渡し場所

** Plz pick up on time.
** 必ず時間内に来て下さい!

* Bank Account / 韓国銀行口座

For the bank account information of overseas wire transfer, please leave a message on QnA board
韓国口座への入金希望の方はQnA boardにお問い合わせて下さいませ。

* Paypal Account / Paypal 入金先


* Please fill out the form after making the payment. (Click 'GOODS')
* Final specification or design might be changed due to the circumstances.
* Refund is not available.

* If you have any questions, please contact us via Q&A board or e-mail / お問い合わせ
E-mail :


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